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Father's Day

Father's Day

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News entry for Sunday, 17 June, 2007

To Dad

Happy Father's Day, everyone. This strip is for my dad. Just wanted to say that I love you, Dad, and I appreciate your doing dad stuff for me, and that I'm glad I didn't have to write this strip from personal experience. It occurs to me that Karen must have had a kind of weird childhood. I guess that's what happens when one's life stories are a setup for somewhat contrived puns.
Anyway, this comic marks the start of a crazy experiment: I'm going to take a shot at doing at least three strips this week, including this one. I am going to try to maybe even get in four or five! I think I can do it if I keep the coloring simple on the color strips and also do a handful of black-and-whites, and I'm already off to a good start with this comic right here. I hope that you and I both enjoy this adventure I'm undertaking!
Plan for a new strip on Tuesday, and another on Wednesday. As for the rest of the week, we'll tackle that as it comes.

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