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The Moomentum of a Rumor

The Moomentum of a Rumor

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News entry for Wednesday, 30 June, 2010

Inspired by Real Events Once Again

This comic was inspired by the Facebook status message of my friend Diana Huntress. I saw her status "Diana Huntress herd it through the bovine" and immediately knew that I must turn it into a Pungirls comic, no matter how poor a use of my time it turned out to be. I thought to myself: "Maybe I can do it as a birthday comic for her, as is my custom!" and then I looked and saw that her birthday was in January and I was like "Man forget that I ain't waitin' that long" and so I made it now. Behold it! It contains an important moral lesson that you can also learn by playing "telephone."

A handy guide to my clever allusions:

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